Sisterhood | Oriana


From: ML

Sent: September 15, 2185 13:34

To: OL

Subject: Are you sure?

I don’t see what interests you so much about where I work, but if you really want to, I will try to set it up. I guess the crew is—interesting to say the least. It will be nice to see you again in person instead of just through mail.

How have you been since we last spoke?

From: Miss Oriana Lawson

Sent: September 15, 2185 14:19

To: SissyPoo

Subject: RE: Are you sure?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, Miri! I was in school and we have to turn our omni-tools off. It’s the last week though, so that’s good. Does this mean I can come to the Normandy?! I really want to meet your friends! I bet they all think you’re amazing, like I do.

I’ve been okay. I had a small run in at school, but that’s been cleared up now, I swear. I told them not to tell you because it was such a tiny thing.

How about you? How have you been?


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