Sisterhood | Oriana


From: ML

Sent: September 15, 2185 14:26

To: OL

Subject: RE: Are you sure?

I wouldn’t exactly say most of them are my friends, but yes you get to come aboard the Normandy if that’s what you want. Not all of them think I’m amazing either, more of the opposite.

What happened at school? They are supposed to inform me no matter how small Ori. I’m just trying to watch over you the best I can.

How have I been? I’ve been good.

I’ll get a set time for you to come in soon

From: Miss Oriana Lawson

Sent: September 15, 2185 15:02

To: SissyPoo

Subject: RE: Are you sure?

Hm… I find that difficult to believe. They helped you out with me, didn’t they? I mean, I know a couple of them were there with you when you came and spoke to me. A blonde and… I can’t quite remember the other one. But they seemed to care, right?

And oh, don’t worry about school. I just punched a guy and kicked him in the balls. It’s nothing. He had it coming and they knew it.

I can’t wait to come to the Normandy!


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