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Dec 05

Secret Santa | Chakwas


Chakwas sat at her terminal, slowly scrolling through the unpublished article of one of her peers before it was submitted. It was an interesting study regarding early signs in second generation human biotics. Most would probably think it endlessly boring.

The sound of the doors pulling it open caught her focus though and she quickly closed the window and turned around, more than a little surprised to find Miranda’s younger sister standing there.

“Ah, hello. Oriana, right? What can I do for you?”

Oriana clutched the small bag containing the present to her chest as she entered the infirmary. “I… was assigned you as my Secret Santa,” she said, quietly. She was pleased to be included in the ship-wide Secret Santa, but she was unhappy to receive someone she didn’t know as her mark. She had hoped for Jack or her sister.

She glanced down into the bag. It had taken a few days for what she ordered to arrive from the Citadel - an antique stethascope, not too expensive but not entirely cheap either - but now it had arrived she wasn’t sure Chakwas would like it.

"Here." She thrust the bag forwards. "I, ah. I hope you like it."

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Secret Santa | Oriana


Thank goodness she liked it. “You don’t have to say anything. I’m just glad you like it.” She smiled. “Believe me, it took me a while to think of a gift. But I thought of this and thought that you would like it.” She took the locket and stood up. She unlocked the clip and went behind Oriana to put in on her. She put is over her head and wrapped it around her neck and clipped it back together. Making sure no hair was in the way so she wouldn’t hurt Oriana. “There.” She moved to stand back in front of Oriana. She looked at her, the locket looked really good on her. “It looks beautiful on you.”

Oriana shivered a little at Kelly’s touch and as the necklace fell around her neck. It was cold, surprisingly, and she placed her hand over it and against her skin.

When she pulled her hand away and Kelly appraised her, she blushed. “Thank you,” she said. “It’s beautiful.” She looked down at it, then back at Kelly. “You’re Kelly Chambers, yes?” She recognised her from the CIC, when Miranda briefly introduced her to everyone.

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Secret Santa | Oriana


“There. Finally finished.” Kelly had been busy for the past few days working on her present for Oriana. It took her a while to think of something, but she had the perfect idea in mind. A locket, with with her initial on it, and inside were a picture of both Oriana, and Miranda. The piece was an oval shape with a vine design and Oriana’s initial that Kelly both carved into the piece. “I really hope she likes it.” It also took her a while just to find the right pictures for it to fit, but luckily she found an old camera with pictures of both of them. The chain on which the locket hung on was pure platinum, which she found and kept since she was small.

“Well, time to go find her.” Kelly walked out of the crew’s quarters, heading toward the mess hall, which she hoped to find Oriana there. When she reached her destination Oriana was sitting at one of the tables drinking coffee, and reading a magazine. Kelly sat across from her and held the locket out on the palm of her hand, “Merry Christmas, Oriana.” 

Oriana flipped the page of her magazine and stared at the picture: the girl looked rather a lot like Jack, with lots of tattoo and not much hair. She stared at the picture, sipped her coffee and was glad she was alone.

At which point, Kelly came in. She scrambled to turn six pages, away from the picture of Not-Jack, and stared at the woman as she sat down opposite her.

Merry Christmas?

She held her hand out and took the locket. “Oh… wow.” She opened the locket and stared at the picture, then she looked up at Kelly. “I don’t know what to say.”

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Sisterhood | Oriana


From: ML

Sent: September 15, 2185 15:16

To: OL

Subject: RE: Are you sure?

The blonde one was Commander Shepard, my superior, the other one you can meet when I get an approved date for the Normandy to dock on Illium for you. I assume Shepard does care since she helped me with you at all, but I can’t say the same for everyone else because of my normal Cerberus employment.

I can’t say I’m not proud of you for taking care of the problem at school for yourself, but I still would like to know. It’s one of the few ways I can still be involved in your life.

I’ve sent a message to the Commander requesting a time for the Normandy to dock, hopefully it won’t get in the way of school, but there isn’t much flexibility in our schedule as of late.

I’m still looking forward to seeing you soon Ori, it’s been a long time since we have seen each other face to face.

From: Miss Oriana Lawson

Sent: September 15, 2185 15:34

To: SissyPoo

Subject: RE: Are you sure?

I’ll be sure to let you know when I punch people in future. :)

I’m looking forward to seeing you too. And your ship.


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Dec 03

Secret Santa | Chakwas

Oriana looked down at her omni-tool and wrinkled her nose. Of all the people she expected to get as Secret Santa… Chakwas wasn’t one of them.

She put the finishing touches on the little bag she’d placed Chakwas’ gift in and fluffed the bow a little.

As soon as she’d seen the name Doctor Chakwas on her Secret Santa message, she’d known what to get her. So, with a smile, she hung the handle of the bag off her finger and headed off to the infirmary.

She hoped Chakwas would like it.

Nov 30

Anonymous said: What is yours and Miranda's relationship? (ik ur sisters but are you guys close yet? or is it still rocky) not sexual, ew

We’re… tentative. At the moment we’re quite close, but we haven’t been around each other long enough yet. That’s why I want to go to the Normandy so much… We need to be around each other and get to know each other as sisters.

Anonymous said: No one important. Just keep what I said in mind.


Anonymous said: So, do clones have the same sexual appetites? The same urges and kinks?

I wouldn’t know, Miranda and I don’t really discuss urges and kinks.

Anonymous said: So you like Jack? i can see the appeal she can get a girl hot and bothered, good luck.

Thanks… I think.